Cheers to a great year! Letter to supporters

Dear supporters

Dear Friends, Family, Supporters, and Community Members,

My good people, there comes a time in every person’s life when they must make a stand for what they believe in. For me, that time is now. I believe that we can build a better, more sustainable food system right here in San Jose, without a huge sum of money. This is my stand. And this is the purpose of Garden to Table.

The challenges are real. Urban residents are fundamentally disconnected from their food system, urban land is expensive, bad food is cheap, and growing good food is hard work.

The solution is simple: Grow food where most people live and harness the many underutilized resources in the urban environment—idle land, neglected fruit trees, lots of sunshine, and local residents. Garden to Table’s method for building a sustainable local food system uses all of these resources, and we’ve seen incredible progress. In our short existence, we have already:

• Renovated idle urban spaces into eight neighborhood gardens that grow organic vegetables for 23 households, an at-risk youth home, and two elementary schools. 
• Donated over 30,000 pounds of fruit to Central San Jose food pantries by harvesting neglected fruit trees. 
• Taught dozens of classes on gardening and nutrition to hundreds of San Jose residents. 
• Helped change the zoning ordinance in San Jose on urban agriculture (urban farms and aquaponics now permitted in industrial zones, with commercial changes due in January). 
• Started building a 1-acre farm on a previously vacant lot in downtown San Jose.

With these continued efforts, I know we can build a sustainable food system, and it won’t take a miracle to make this happen. Imagine a city dotted with local food system hubs: productive urban farms surrounded by neighborhood gardens and fruit harvesting events. It can happen, and this is what we are working towards. There is plenty of idle land, loaded fruit trees, and people that want to live in better communities. But it will take some help from people like you. Whether it’s a spare dollar, or a spare hour, we can use your help to build something beautiful in San Jose. Let’s create a better food system together.

If you can donate your time, please contact 
If you can donate your dollars, please send them to: 651 Macredes Ave. San Jose, CA 95116 or transfer the funds online by clicking on the donate button at

I believe in this vision, and I promise I will do everything in my power to make it a reality.

Love, thanks, and happy holidays! 
Executive Director, Garden to Table

Greenhouse Move, Sat. Nov. 23rd, sign up NOW!

The Master Gardeners of Santa Clara County are coming on to our farm! This is an unbelievable partnership because the Master Gardeners are the best source of information in our area for anything related to growing food. Not only are we going to have their expertise available to help us grow the farm, but we'll be housing all of their growing equipment in preparation for their Spring Garden Market next year. But we need help bringing all their supplies over, and there's a LOT of it! 

Wish List

Support our local food system, support Garden to Table.

Garden to Table appreciates your help, and the following items in our wishlist directly help us with our daily operation. Feel free to donate them used, purchase them yourself from a local store, or donate to us directly and we can purchase these items using your donation.

Our farm needs:

- Roughly 1,600 planks of 2inx12ftx1ft lumber (or another cut that hits these dimensions).

Volunteer at our Farm Groundbreaking Days

After months of planning, we are finally ready to transform a 1-acre vacant lot into an urban farm. This farm will be an educational hub for community members to learn about and interact with food, while generating revenue to sustain our organization. Come join us and help change San Jose's local food system.

It only takes one minute to sign up:


Garden To Table - Trimble Technology - [Chinese Subtitles] 


Whether it is a neglected patch of a land, or an unattended fruit tree, we work with local residents to utilize our urban resources to their fullest capacity. Our mission is to create a sustainable local food system and build community by improving access to healthy food and teaching people how to cultivate their own fruits and vegetables.

If you are interested in getting your hands dirty in one of our gardens, attending a workshop, or donating/harvesting some fruit - get involved!

Newsletter July 2013

Neighborhood Gardens

Our school and apartment gardens are still going strong this summer! It's time to start seeds for your fall gardens, too. Also, if you know of any apartments with adequate space and sunshine for a garden, we are still looking to build a few new apartment gardens. Get in touch with us if you know a site, or want to help build the gardens!

Urban Farm

After attending a community meeting last week and hearing a lot of support for our plans, we are very excited about an impending zoning change in San Jose. This proposed amendment to the zoning code would allow urban agriculture in previously restricted zones and expand acceptable zoning for beekeeping, aquaponics, and laying hens / egg production. This amendment is crucial for the success of our new urban farm. With our land use agreement in hand, and this pending zoning change, we are hoping to start building the farm at the start of fall!

Neighborhood Fruit Pickers

We are currently picking a large apple orchard in the mountains! We will have this and many other chances to volunteer with us in the near future. Contact us for more information.


Our next meeting is August 15th at 6PM, with regular meetings on the 3rd Thursday of every month at 6pm. Contact us for the meeting location.